Selection from Eddies for Outdoorsmen

Lost Treasures

      When I was growing up, one of the most interesting pets we had was a raccoon named Rascal.  Whenever we brought him into the house we had to keep him under constant surveillance.  Left on his own, he would go into the kitchen and directly to the bread drawer.  He would pull the drawer open, grab a loaf of bread and run for a hiding place.

     Once we gave him an ice cube.  He took it to his water dish, put it in the water and fondled it as raccoons often do with their food.  As he did this, the ice kept slipping out of his paws.  Each time he lost the ice he would feel around his dish till he retrieved it, then he would continue “washing” it.  Of course, the ice kept getting smaller and smaller till finally there was nothing left.  For quite some time he continued feeling around his dish, trying to find his lost treasure.

     I suppose we all have had some treasure that slipped through our fingers and disappeared.  Maybe it was a collection of baseball cards that you lost track of, or some shares of stock that you sold at the wrong time.  I had a 56 Chevy that I sold for a hundred dollars.  I wonder what that car would be worth today.  But life goes on.  I don’t want to be like that raccoon, trying to retrieve something that is no longer there.


Selection from Pyramids of Thrush Creek (Names have been changed.)

          As they walked into the kitchen, Andy picked up the note Regina had left on the back of his drawing.  “That lovin’ rascal!” he said, still studying the note.  “She knows I made a mistake!  She’s not sayin’ what it is, but she knows!”  He handed the note to Jim.  “Here, read this.”

            Jim took the paper and read, 

Sorry, guys.  Too bad you didn’t find the treasure.  We all make mistakes.  Let’s hope the kids excel in math.  But until then, think about this.  Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  So according to my logic, if you want to find your treasure, look where your heart is.